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Thursday, October 18, 2012

take me home country roads ...

                      Almost heaven, West Virginia
                      Blue Ridge Mountains
                     Shenandoah River -
                     Life is old there
                     Older than the trees
                     Younger than the mountains
                     Growin' like a breeze

 Country Roads, take me home                         
To the place I belong                                       
West Virginia, mountain momma                    
Take me home, country roads                         

~ John Denver ~          

I can't tell you how many times over the years while either traveling or living away from West Virginia that this song by John Denver ran through my mind and gave me comfort.   I especially remember the trip back from Canada my Senior year in high school on a bus where some of the windows wouldn't fully close and it was pouring the rain.  We were cold, tired, and a little homesick.  As we crossed the state line into West Virginia someone started singing this song.  What a feeling!

FYI - I took so, so many pictures during my visit that I'll be sharing for quite some time so perhaps you might find yourself humming this tune before it's over.


  1. I can so relate -- there are songs that run through my head at particular times. Gorgeous Autumn colors Nikki. xo

  2. We were there earlier this year and that song ran through my head the whole time. It is beautiful! I love road pics and take many. This one's a dandy!

  3. I am already humming that song :) Beautiful road shot - can't wait to see more!