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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

here's my number, call me maybe ...

Hey, I just met you,
 And this is crazy, 
 But here's my number, 
 So call me, maybe?

 just a simple glance
and they followed me everywhere!

these cows fall in love hard and fast.


  1. I like the cow pictures. I think we all have their number now. Looks like they think you are going to feed them :) Did you take some pictures on the little road or lane you can see in the background of the last one? It looks like a nice one to take a walk down.

  2. Awwww.... Cute:) I noticed the lane too:) I am like oh I see a good pic:)

  3. Why are cows so cute? Just why? I want to see dinner, not cute faces and curly hair above their big brown eyes

  4. Love love love the cows! So clever. They are so cute, I do not eat beef. Now if I can only give up ice cream.