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Monday, October 22, 2012

then and now ...

not all barns have charm, some are solely utilitarian with no aesthetic ambition.

then ...

and now ...

These old chicken barns had seen better days even by the time of the first picture - but now, well they are pretty near gone with newer, high tech ones having long since replaced them in a different location on the farm.  How weird is it that on some level I prefer them of yesteryear; perhaps it is my longing for the people who were around during that time: my great grandparents, my parents, aunts and uncles.  I suspect that was all the "charm" these buildings ever held.


  1. I think they are/were cool during both eras!

  2. I find them quiet interesting! So were large numbers of chickens grown in these barns? I don't recall seeing any similar to this.

    1. Jo Ann - there were very large numbers of chicken raised in these barns. Over the years they have supplied Tyson as well as other chicken distributors.

  3. Not being a farm girl, I never would've known those were chicken barns. I like both the shots, but have to admit I like the present day one, because of the stories that seem to come from it.

  4. I think these shots do hold a lot of charm....evoking many memories of years gone by. Awesome shots!

  5. That is so interesting.... I love them!!!

  6. How cool to see them back then. I just LOVE old pictures-