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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Scavenger * Hunt * Sunday ...

Having taken hundreds of pictures while visiting Petersburg,  I am still pulling from that stack to fulfill the hunt.  I guess you could say I'm being environmentally conscious for space on the hard drive and honestly, hunting is hunting.
  (iPhoto library counts, right?)

This week's words: 

 * pattern(s) * 

A glimpse of a gorgeous quilt made by my hostess. How telling was it that as soon as she showed it to me, she immediately told me it was already promised to someone. She knows me so well. 

 * machine *

A machine I am very familiar with not only because I drive a yacht,  but because I grew up around service stations.  Strangely, I do not recall seeing this one on my great grandparent's farm,
 but there it was!

as a side note - I hate pumping gas - dread going to the gas station...even before the prices went through the roof.  Perhaps this is a 'child of gas station owners' syndrome because each of my siblings are the same. (younger brother has been known to drift into the station  - just saying!)

 * signs or logos * 

What a find while looking for barns. 

 * rocks or stones *

I used to drive the road between Petersburg and Moorefield every day barely acknowledging this magnificent view. I remember admiring it when I was a kid riding shotgun with my mom, but I guess by the time it came for me to be at the wheel, this barely registered on my attention radar.
No more - it is a beautiful sight that far exceeds translation to my pictures. 

 * sparkle *

remember having one of these as a little girl?
It filled the bill for 'bling' for Barbie and Ken's house and added that little bit of sparkle to my imaginary world. 

** DISCLAIMER: in my case, there was no Ken, only GI Joe.   For whatever reason, my parents chose not to get me a male doll, so technically, Joe was on loan from my brother. What's worse is that they had to travel around on Tonto's horse - no beach buggy or convertible.
I don't think the marriage worked.
Probably the transportation thing!

what's worse
I'm not sure who got the tea set in the divorce!

* * *

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  1. Beautiful!
    Have a great day!
    Lea's Menagerie

  2. What a great post!

    The view for rocks or stones is stunning! And that barn really is a great find!

  3. Nice shots - double wedding ring is one of my favorite quilt patterns!

  4. Love that old gas pump. So cool!

  5. Ha! These are wonderful! First of all, I have a thing for quilts too. This one is gorgeous! I don't like filling the gas tank either. A few times my hands have smelled of gasoline for the entire ride to work, until I could get to a bathroom and wash them thoroughly; and here in winter, it can be brutal to fill up while the wind is chilling the breath out of you in the mornings! And I loved, loved, loved your story of Barbie, and Joe! Personally, I'd rather have a soldier than a metrosexual Ken, ANYTIME! The horse thing would have been a challenge though. Great stories to go with your pics!

  6. What a wonderful image, those little cups are so fashinating, I love doll houses.

  7. Interesting photos, I love how you captutado this beautiful old fuel pump.

  8. Great set - especially love that Barn!

  9. Great series love the machine shot and barn.

  10. Wow, great retro "machine" shot! I don't know the last time I've seen one of those old pumps.

  11. it's just so fun to see what everyone else shares!! i just adore that old gas pump!!!

  12. Good finds for the Scavenger Hunt, Nicki!
    I like the Double Wedding Ring idea for the pattern prompt. Lovely edit on the old gas pump. What great color contrast between the sky and barn.

  13. I love your gas pump shot, Nicki! And that quilt is just beautiful. I would have been looking to snag that in a heart beat...perfect colors!

  14. Great set! This really made me laugh because I only had GI Joe (my brother's) also! The Rock shot is stunning!

  15. beautiful editing to compliment already lovely captures. I especially like the sparkle edit.

  16. I absolutely LOVE how you process your photos. These are all GORGEOUS. That gas pump is so neat!

  17. Love the old gas pump and the quilt looks like a hand quilted double wedding ring quilt!

  18. What a great gas pump shot! I love the mountain views as well. Simply gorgeous.

  19. Love your machine, and I actually own a hand quilted double wedding ring quilt that my grandmother made for me.

  20. Gosh, the old barn and the ancient gas pump are finds! I see the leaves are still pretty there.

  21. You set is just wonderful.
    I loved all of them but my favorites were: Machine - Such a cool old pump and Rocks - Doesn't get any better then that.
    Cool find on the Sign shot too.

  22. Love the patterns on the quilt. Your rock pictures are wonderful. Thanks

  23. I love that barn photo, as well as that old gas pump. :)

  24. What a fabulous set. I love the editing you did on your machine photo.