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Monday, October 29, 2012

down on the farm ...

this area is predicted to get 2-4 inches feet of snow either today or tomorrow. yuck! 

we, on the other hand,  are predicted to get rain (currently raining - so no big revelation there)

hopefully NO snow. 

 I do not want snow. 
not at Halloween. 

No, Sandy, NO!


  1. Raining here at the moment...Sandy seems to be VERY SLOW to arrive. Unfortunately from what I'm hearing...I think she is going to be VERY SLOW to leave too! Stay safe!

  2. Raining here, too, but hey--it's Seattle! Hope you don't get too much rain and have to worry about flooding.

  3. Lovely captures Nicki -- I hope Ms. Sandy decides to stay away from your area. xo

  4. A bucolic scene - with or without snow.

  5. Wow, what a gorgeous scene... so peaceful and belies what the storm portends... hope you stay safe and warm!