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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

we interupt this holiday with the following PSA...

snow trumps school and Trick-or-Treat!

and I've never seen a teenager get so bored so fast as when there is no internet. mercy child!


  1. Oh, come on now, we took our 3-yr-old trick or treating in 3 degrees some years back - very bundled up in layers and layers of fleece for a costume.

    Love the photos. Hope the weather settles down for you soon!

  2. Oh my---I was wondering whether you would get rain or snow! Let's hope that snow melts off slowly and you don't have any flooding concerns. And isn't it amazing how paralyzed we all are when there is no power? Love the fall leaves and the falling snow; I really enjoy "mixed seasons".

  3. The snow looks a bit out of place with the leaves but makes for a pretty picture.

  4. Not snow already :(!!!! Hopefully it will melt before tonight!!