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Sunday, November 18, 2012

scavenger hunt Sunday ...


Posting quickly this week as I am called out to assist my budding photographer son. 
oh, how quickly the tides have turned in who yields the big camera in this house!!! 

This week's words: vision, strong, buttons, map, and favorite fruit. 

* vision * 

recently had my eyes checked and viola, they had improved 
- so of course I had to get new glasses. 

much better! 

* strong * 

this coffee could 'walk to the table and serve itself' it was so strong. wowzier! 

 * buttons * 

garden variety - some from my mother and her mother's mother. 

* map * 

have an Atlas around here somewhere. 
 always in the way, except when I need it. 
 not for travel purposes, only for photo purposes 
as this day and age, it's all about the apps. 

* favorite fruit *
not necessarily my favorite - but available! 

Have a Happy and Safe Thanksgiving 
and successful Black Friday 
and Small Business Saturday ya'all.


  1. The button collection is terrific and so is the photo of them. The klemon shot is a real beauty too.

  2. I too like the buttons. So many! Lemon shot is really well done. Sounds like somebody needs a new camera for Christmas. I was thinking your son; perhaps you could work that in YOUR favor though.

  3. I like you map. It is the map of today!

  4. Oh my!! Those buttons!!! I have a thing for them-if they could talk-think about the stories they could tell!!! Beautiful interpretation this week.

  5. Love your line-up this week...buttons, love them, strong coffee, love it, and love all my apps too!!

  6. Excellent use of focus to get your point across in vision! Love the old buttons. I remember an old button tin.....

  7. WOW..those are some beautiful buttons you've got there! Such detail on them. Fantastic.

  8. Love your vision shots! So clever.

    I also love the buttons. They are wonderful!

  9. Hi Nicki, I really like your glasses! (Want to help me pick some?) Your buttons are so beautiful - it's amazing the stories these old buttons tell and the memories they hold. Thanks for you good wishes.

  10. Great set. Those new glasses in your vision shot are snazzy.
    Ah nothing like a good "Strong" cup of coffee to get you started in the morning.
    Buttons - Those are so cool looking.
    Map - I still rely on the old-fashion maps but am not very good at navigating them.
    Favorite Fruit - A lovely shot.

  11. Cute buttons!
    And your lemons are so pretty.
    Great job!

  12. Very creative! I love the buttons!

  13. Love your vision shot - but made me recheck my own eyes! LOL!
    Those "button bells" on my hunt this week - found them at World Market. Now you know so you can annoy the hubby as much as you want! :)
    Happy Thanksgiving!

  14. Love the button shot and your lemons are gorgeous.

  15. The buttons are just cool. But your vision shots are awesome!

  16. Have to echo the other comments... Those buttons are amazing! Love that some still have the thread attached - adds character.

  17. Great set! I love what you did for Vision, haha! Lovely shot of the citrus and I have to agree... those buttons are pretty. :)

  18. Terrific batch of photos! congrats on the better eyesight. Not much gets better as we get older so it's nice that something does. Love the variety of buttons!

  19. Great set this week. Love the fruit and Vision is the same for me without my glasses. Thanks

  20. Great shots - I'm with you on Strong!