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Saturday, November 17, 2012

something special ...

 * * *
found this nugget of wonderfulness on the pavement right beside where I had just anchored my yacht at the gym the other day.  I was so excited that I had not run over it with its weathered details and delicately rolled tips.  placing it in the car for safe keeping, I was surprisingly giddy with happiness for the first time in days.   however, when I held it up to show others like the blue ribbon winning prize at the fair, my excitement, giddiness, and happiness was not reciprocated.  that's okay, I'm a mom and I know special when I see it. 
and you, my parking lot leaf, are very special.


  1. It is a nice leaf, it looks quiet regal and elegant sitting upon the black surface. It's funny how we view everything as a photo op/subject after a while.

  2. It is indeed. And you did a great job showing it.

  3. I understand!! I do the same thing myself. Kudos to you for noticing and appreciating it. There are so many people who would not see anything except a fallen leaf, if even that.

  4. Oh I always have my eyes peeled for gorgeousness like this. Kudos to you for treasuring this beauty!!

  5. Sometimes, it takes special eyes to see specialness :)

  6. loved the story behind the leaf...and yes it is perfect!

  7. I know special too. I agree with you. (o:
    The other day I had a similar experience with a vibrant colored fall leaf. I picked it up and marveled at its leaf out of millions, but beautiful in every detail. I'm glad found it, too much of God's handiwork to miss.