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Monday, December 10, 2012

from the kitchen ...

it wouldn't be the holidays
without at least one batch of gingerbread cookies.

[kitchen Christmas Cat - got her forever ago.  sometimes she makes it on the tree ... sometimes she settles for the kitchen counter]

I cheated and used premixed cookies and instead of rolling, settled on drop cookies.
They're not as pretty, but scented the house nicely and sufficiently filled the sweet cravings of the teenage boy who lives upstairs - or so it seems.

(I'm not complaining as I did the same thing when I was a teenager; personal space is priority).


  1. The gingerbread looks wonderful, well presented and well shot :) The kitchen cat ornament is well shot and very interesting too.... I don't think I have ever seen an ornament like that.

  2. LOVE gingerbread cookies! I have a killer recipe, but it makes an enormous amount; and they would just end up on my hips and thighs....

  3. Love your kitchen cat and those cookies smell good even here.

  4. Oh thanks for sharing your cookies with do you package them and send them?? Happy Monday!!

  5. I commented on this pic on the Dec challenge.. I think they look great!!!!

  6. Gingerbread cookies *sigh*... I'm planning to bake a batch or two over the holidays. I love gingerbread cooikies! =)

  7. Ah, I've been baking gingerbread too. Nothing makes it feel quite so much like Christmas. I came by here via Gramma's Little Corner and can see I'll be coming back to visit some more. Especially if there are cookies. :)