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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Scavenger Hunt Sunday ...

some might be getting a tad bit tired of pictures of holiday decorations, but honestly, what else is left that you haven't already photographed this year?

√  landscapes
√  flowers
√  kids
√  animals
√  stuff around the house
√  stuff outside the house
√  food
√  strangers
√  macros of all of the foregoing

 so there you have it.

This week's words are brought to you by Sasha @ Sasha's Saucy Snippets.
1. Season
2. Colorful
3. Weather
4. Silhouette (for the life of me I always have to spell check this word!)
5. Calm

 here we go:

~ season ~

~ colorful ~ 

~ weather ~ 

~ silhouette ~ 

~ calm ~ 

until next week ... remember to visit more scavenger hunters over at Ashley Sisk's blog


  1. Oh, love that cute little silhouette reindeer with the bokeh lights!! Great line-up this week. Sure wish it was snowing here...!!

  2. I can't seem to pick a favorite! Wonderful set! And I agree that I have already taken pictures of everything this year haha.

  3. Beautiful pictures this week. I am not sick of holiday pictures I love them.

  4. Your season and silhouette pics I like most !!! Weather is cute !

  5. These are great, Nicki! Love calm and the santa hat for season!

  6. Great photos, Season!

  7. your photos are such fun --- and capture the holiday spirit. Love the snow globe.

  8. Love the out of focus lights! I am not tired of ornaments :)

  9. These are fantastic! Love the seasonal and the bokeh in particular. Well done!

  10. Awesome choices, photographed beautifully! I must say, great minds, think alike!

  11. These are all so awesome!!! And NO- I never tire if holiday decorations!!!

  12. I love your holiday shots!

  13. These are awesome. I can't even pick a favorite they are all amazing..