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Saturday, December 8, 2012

new and different technique ...

to the keen eye, one will notice the white automatic air freshener under the tree. this simple little technique has cut down on kitty tree nibbling somewhere between 90-95%. 
add to that the tree fragrance spritzer that is conveniently applied when felines approach from the rear and we're up to near 100% nibble free.

 I also tried a different technique with photographing the tree. I set the ISO around 400, cranked the aperture to 22 (or more), put the camera on AP mode, self timer and sit it on the kitchen counter. 
walk away. 

oh the lengths we go through to avoid the use of a tripoid. 
 and to extend the life of an artificial tree.


  1. You are nothing short of genius!!! Beautiful shot!!

  2. Fortunately Toby doesn't bother the tree and since this house is cat free I have no worries of a tree tumbling. I will keep those settings in mind, with my new Tamron lens and it's vibration control, it sure makes night shots a little easier.

  3. Nicki your tree is beautiful.... If I don't quit looking at your pictures I am going to have to put up my tree just so I can take pictures of it!

  4. Beautiful tree!!! I need to try those settings and get a picture of our tiny dog-friendly tree.