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Friday, June 21, 2013

in season ...

I am happy for berry season and look forward to having bowls of fresh fruit. 

 but . . . 

there seems to be a few too many pickers on hand

. . .

so I'll be lucky if we get even this 

 Floral Love


  1. Ah, blueberries. I'm hoping we will align our trip to our northern Ontario cabin when the wild ones are ready to pick in late summer.
    We don't have cardinals - I absolutely love them!
    We pick wild raspberries at our house, and I have the problem of too many pickers, in the form of small children who like trading bowls with me and empty them faster than I can pick!

  2. For some reason I don't know if I like blueberries or not... If and when I try them I definitely hope I like them! Last year we covered our tons of raspberries with some netting and it worked really well to keep the birds out...but then we couldn't really get in easily either. Lovely detail in these!

  3. Love blueberries, but our season is a ways off yet. Can't wait for the fresh ones though--nothing like a sun-warmed blueberry to put a smile on my face. I wouldn't mind sharing with these guys, either.

  4. Sun ripened blueberries are the best! Your feathered friends know a good thing! Cute photos. xo

  5. I like husband loves them.
    He'll eat large bowls of them with a dollop of whipped cream.
    I should eat more blueberries but I always feel like I'm taking away from his delight when I do :-/ Go figure!

  6. Oh how I love freshly picked blueberries.... the local berry farm closed a couple years back and now we are relegated to those from the supermarket. Yours look super luscious - I hope you enjoy, even if you have to share with the birds.

  7. I thought we'd be having a bunch ourselves, but the birds have taken most of them. So it goes.