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Sunday, June 23, 2013

whoa . SCAVENGER HUNT Sunday ...

yea, it's been awhile

* fun *

 [White Sulphur Springs, WV] 

Just a little over a week and it will be time for the Greenbrier Classic Golf Tournament.



* arts & crafts * 

[window shopping, Lewisburg, WV]
not your every day run of the mill stuffed doll.

* messy * 

if you do not stop for these
you will encounter the falls
and it could get messy.

[Kanawha Falls, WV]

* blessing * 

[New River Gorge, West Virginia] 

"God's Country"

* effort * 

[New River Gorge Bridge, WV]

it took a lot of effort to get back up these steps.
137 steps 
straight up.
can you say "phew!"?!?!


  1. These were great and such beautiful scenes of what America has to offer in the way of natural treasures.

  2. That effort shot is my fave. Would have to get on the stair climber at the gym to work up to that. 137, not that anyone is counting, right?
    Cool arts and crafts with the butt. That made me laugh.

  3. Love the babe with the cigarette. I think her cousin lives at my house. Cool shot!

  4. Fun series of shots. The arts and crafts made me laugh.

  5. Just love effort! Made me tired just looking at it!

  6. I too laughed at the stuffed doll for arts and crafts. And the flowers in front of that white building...gorgeous.

  7. That certainly is Gods country. Looks beautiful with all those trees..

    Loved all your shots this week.


  8. Well done this week. You've captured some gorgeous countryside in your Blessing and Messy shots. Wouldn't want to meet the falls the hard way though.
    Got to say Arts and Crafts made me laugh, what an hilarious doll.
    Wow that is a lot of steps to climb. I'd need a break halfway up I'm sure.

  9. Beautiful images! I love the waterfall and the steps!

  10. Holy cow, that's a lot of stairs! That would take a lot of effort.

    I also used a landscape for my blessing shot. We do live in a beautiful land, don't we?

  11. Simply great pictures, beautiful!

  12. Loving your photos. I adore that old lady with the cigarette. So cool! Wonderful images and I'll be back for more

  13. Just super!! The lady doll is hilarious! I really need to get back into the Hunts.

  14. What beautiful scenery, so green!

  15. Great interpretations - I love the stairway and the greenness.

  16. Best effort photo I have seen yet! I would have a heart attack!!!

  17. Fabulous shots to accompany the promts, the lady with the cigarette is so cute! It's been a while that I participated in Scanvenger Hunt, maybe next time :)

  18. These are great! Love the views, stunning!

  19. Someone definitely got crafty with the doll-making! Very fun! I am getting much better with stairs after my knee surgery but these are definitely out of my league at this point in time. Have a great week!