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Monday, July 22, 2013

Grumpy Cat ain't got nuffin on me ...

Mary Jo pretty much always has the same expression. 

when she is sprawled out behind my office chair - (yea, the one with wheels): blah!

when I come down stairs in the morning and say hello to her: blah!

the sound of the garage door / front door / or any stinkin door opening: blah!

even when she hears the meat drawer in the refrigerator open
(admittedly she does get a getty-up in her step but otherwise): blah!

very little excites her,
 except on the rare occasion when Ike walks by 
and something inside her compels her to reaches out and smack him,
otherwise she is pretty monotone.

I would be concerned that she might be depressed, 
but the reality is she is just old.
She has reached the age where nothing gets a rise out of her;
she says and does what she damn well pleases
(including deliberately situating herself  in the hall to block Binx's avenue to food/water/toilet).
Mary Jo is a confirmed Senior Citizen 
and frankly my darling, 
she doesn't give a rat's ass what anyone thinks.
 yea, even the mention of rat: blah!


  1. Grumpy or not, she's gorgeous!!

  2. OK...did you just describe me or your cat??? Giggle...cute post, Nicki

    1. oh, you know me so well Deanna! hehehe!

  3. I have one of those old bats at home too named Maggie. At 17, nothing phases her. I think they have earned it though. ;)

  4. Blah! That's a great expression to describe her. But I think she is a beauty in her old age...

  5. That first shot just made me laugh....what a face!

  6. I guess she's earned it....We'll probably be the same way when we are that old....She is a beauty in her old age...

  7. I think you captured her grumpiness beautifully.

  8. Beautiful cat and wonderful post. Made me smile.