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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

the whole wide world ...

{heading home}

I discovered the panoramic option on my cell phone and suddenly the whole world is beckoning me to photograph it in full 'wide world of sports' view
and I, being the dutiful photographer that I am,
 feel obliged to do it. 

{follow that guy!} 

{let the show begin}

Can you just imagine what I would do with a REAL Fisheye lens ...
well, it would be safe to say I'd be photographing EVERYTHING with a curve.
One of these days when I win the lottery or have a long lost rich relative (who up to this point is unbeknownst to me) decides to leave me beaucoups of money ...

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  1. GReat fun on these shots! Glad that you felt the challenge. Will have to check and see if my IPHONE with do this. have a great day!

  2. That mysterious relative of yours must be hanging out with mine! I was so glad that you stopped over my blog today. I haven't been blogging as much any more, and I truly miss it. I just don't know where to find the extra time. I have been so busy lately. Thanks for not giving up on me! It was truly so very, very good to hear from you, Nicki. Thank you!

  3. Awesome. I have not tried that yet.

  4. So it looks like you need to widen your blog width -- to accommodate these awesome panoramas! These cell phone cameras can do it all. :)

  5. Oh I am lovin' that 1st on your I-phone huh? Maybe I'll try it out...maybe. Happy Snapping!!

    1. not an app Deanna - it is part of the camera setting options - neat huh!

  6. Really magical photos! Exquisite panoramic! I love it!

  7. Fun shots, Nicki! The first one is my favorite. So inviting.

  8. I love that first shot - it has a lot of energy around it. I still haven't upgraded my iOS to get the pano function, I need to get on that!

  9. You have the greatest most creative sense of humor and way of looking at the world! Thanks for sharing it with us!