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Thursday, July 11, 2013

I have a dream ...

 a dream where I do street photography without commentary from my family; 
where I photograph people, places and things
with reckless abandon;
without  the confines or fear of being referred to as
"creeper" or "paparazzi";
where I am allowed to fully exercise the concept of "random". 

 {all dressed up and nowhere to go ...}

 {elderly couples: a symbol of endurance, faith and patience}

I don't remember exactly what the Father said to someone but it was something along the lines that his presence was helping. It couldn't have been in reference to the weather as we had just endured a 3 hour rain delay. It couldn't have been in reference to the player he was following as his lead had just slipped away and he would never regain it back. Perhaps it was that daylight would hold on long enough for the tournament to finish that day. Maybe he just likes golf.


  1. Looks like your dreams are coming true...great candid shots!!

  2. Reach for that dream! You've got what it takes to just go out and make beautiful photos with what you see in life - who cares what others say about the process, it's yours to live.

  3. I find more and more that people don't mind that you take their photos -- at least, no one has objected to me so far! Keeping a low profile helps. These are great captures Nicki!

  4. Beautiful captures of some lovely people! I get why you feel like paparazzi - I just announce that is what I am and people just smile. xo