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Friday, July 12, 2013

tournament flowers | Floral Love ...

 Floral Love

This week's flowers come from The Greenbrier in White Sulphur Springs, WV.
where I spent last week attending the Greenbrier Classic PGA Golf Tournament.

You didn't expect me to have camera in hand and not photograph flowers did you? 

Some Forget-Me-Not flowers down by the river. 

an iPhone shot taken while I bid my time
anticipating the tournament would be called because of severe rain storms. 
The rain stopped and the tournament was finished just in the nick-of-time. 

the Hydrangea were simply beautiful


as were the Blackeye Susans 


  1. Oh Nicki, you always surprise me :)
    I would have thought I would love the Forget-Me-Not or Hydrangea most. But I ended up LOVING the last shot! Gorgeous work.
    thanks for sharing and have a lovely evening.

  2. I love the Greenbriar. The grounds are always gorgeous and you certainly captured some wonderful shots....How was the tournament?

    1. Nancy - it was wonderful; other than occasional rain showers, the weather was fabulous. I wish a big named golfer could win this tournament - but it would seem to be one that launches less known golfers into the bigger arena.

  3. The forget me nots are my favorite! So delicate.

  4. You certainly found the beauties along with the golf balls!!

  5. So many fabulous photos. Love the Hydrangeas as well..


  6. These are all so beautiful, Nicki! Love the Hydrangea and those Blackeye Susans! So nice to find these beauties at the golf tournament, too! Wanted to thank you, again, for visiting and leaving your thought on my 'foggy' lens. Enjoy your weekend! :)

  7. Beautiful, Nicki! I'm enchanted by the play of perspective, that is on your lowest Pictures / the yellow flowers - beautiful!

  8. These are gorgeous! Love the hydrangeas with the black background, stunning!

  9. Wonderful photos all, but I just love those blue flowers!!

  10. Oh the pink Hydrangeas are so pretty! And that last shot is just dreamy looking!