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Saturday, July 13, 2013

take me home country roads ...

The Meditation Path at The Greenbrier. 

A very inviting segue to wilderness tranquility,
with a babbling brook on one side and a raging golf tournament on the other.
A picture that quickly brought to mind the tune of "Take Me Home Country Roads" by John Denver.

 Speaking of pictures and melodies
 - remember to tune into Kathy's blog youllshootyoureyeout  for a new memes called:

Kathy is going to give a song title as a prompt and you join in with a photo - 
a mash-up of photography and song titles as she puts it.

This week's song is "Homeward Bound" by Simon and Garfunkel.

I can't wait!


  1. Is there ANYTHING as tranquil as a meandering path that fades into the distance? What a great capture my friend! And thank you so much for linking up to me new meme. I love your interpretation of the song title. I can easily imagine walking down that path homeward bound. BUT...I'm sure YOU would have been distracted by a golf tournament! :)

  2. This photo is amazing. I Love it...

  3. I'd like to walk along the road, Nicki ... it looks so cozy, warm and inviting!

  4. Cool idea! I may just have to check that out.