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Friday, July 26, 2013

ridiculously happy ...

happy anniversary 
happy birthday 
happy lady 

yep, right about now my husband is shaking his head and calling out to his secretary
"my wife has finally lost it!, she is posting pictures of nail polish."
and she is probably responding "it happens!" 
 And you know what, I don't care.
(truth of the matter, I lost it years ago. YEARS AGO) 

 I seldom take to the internet to endorse and praise a product, but I am just so ridiculously excited and happy about this one I could not keep it to myself. I have suffered years of crappy nails. Polish that lasts maybe a day. Touch anything and chip, rip, or tear. I have not suffered in silence. I keep a nail file at the ready in every car, at every desk, scattered strategically around the house. When I travel, I pack polish to do the expected touch ups (daily). 

but dagnabbit, no more. 

This outrageously priced box of nail couture comes with a base coat, color polish, and top coat. 
Nothing new there, right! 

the big deal is this LED heat lamp. 
Just like at the nail salon, you set (dry) your nails after each application. And just like a nail salon manicure, the polish lasts. 

It lasts more than a day. 
Through countless hand-washed stacks of dishes. 
Laundry and other assorted house chores. 
Yard work. Yes ladies, I did yard work and still have perfectly polished nails. 
I have not made it the full 2 weeks as advertised on the box, but I have made it 5 days with no touch- up.  Perfectly red nails - short - but by golly, perfectly colored. 

Even better is that my loving husband found this on sale (after my lingering beside the display for months on end).  That plus a coupon,  I ended up getting the whole kit and kaboodle for less than the original box price, with an extra color thrown in. 

 Happy Anniversary! 
Happy Birthday! 
Happy Me! 

 and a husband saying 
"Thank God!
If I'd known this would shut her up, I would have done it YEARS AGO!

Love you too darling!

PS - this weekend is our wedding anniversary,
22 years and still kicking.


  1. It is pricey, but as you said, a coupon helps... saw that Sally Hansen website has one for $10.00 that can be printed out. Glad you like it... I have such crummy nails.. ugh.

  2. Ohh what a find, and what an endorsement. I have the crummiest nails, I know they have to be worse than yours...will definitely look into this, especially with this kind of dagnabbit recommendation. Happy Anniversary...22 years!!!

  3. and the pictures of your nails? :.)

  4. Phooey, lost my comment. I'll just say Happy Birthday, Anniversary and pretty nails! :)

  5. This is some great stuff I'll bet! Have loved having my nails done with this stuff and will have to try out doing it myself. Awesome! Just be aware that this is very drying to your nails, and will totally ruin them if you keep it on all of the time. I can tell you from personal experience of this. Looks great though as my nails are just the same and cannot keep on regular polish! So sad

  6. Oooh you even got the heat lamp thingy! :) Happy birthday and anniversary!

  7. Happy Anniversary to you and thanks for the wonderful endorsement.....I will definitely have to try this....I have had them done at the nail salon and like Jeanne said it will mess up your nails if you leave it on all the time. So glad you are excited.....just watch out for the dry nails....