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Saturday, July 27, 2013

marriage is a journey not merely a status ...

lots of mileage in those years
some fun, some less than fun
but still on the trip together
looking forward to the next stage of the journey

Happy Anniversary Dear!


  1. Happy Anniversary....marriage is definitely a journey, with a few wrong turns but lots of fun adventures. Congrats!!

  2. Happy Anniversary to you.....Marriage is definitely for the long haul with its ups and downs but overall it's good when you find the right person.....Have fun....

  3. Happy anniversary! At the moment I'm ready to throw out my Better Half, but I will refrain because I know that just around the corner he will buy me an ice cream cone and make me happy :). Thank goodness it's a journey and not a moment to moment thing, lol

  4. Congrats, Nicki! Celebrate every moment and cherish them--even the rough ones.

  5. Big congrats Nicki. Love this -sweet and from the heart!!

  6. gorgeous rose, such a soft pretty color!! good for you on 22 years, 35 here, i am very proud of that!! we always say that you need the 3 "c"'s. commitment, compromise and cupcakes, it has worked for us!!

  7. Congratulations Nicki and thanks for you sweet comment on our blog.

  8. Congratulations! It is a we have been on for 33 years!

  9. Happy Anniversary!!! May you have many more years of great love.