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Sunday, July 28, 2013

here comes the sun | song-ography ...


here comes the sun

and I say 
it's all right

*George Harrison*

. . .

I must say, I am having so much fun with this song-ography memes. (thank you Kathy!)
Another participant acknowledged how it is so much easier to remember a melody prompt throughout the week versus a list of words.
I would take that a step further,
it is more natural as well.
Perhaps this is because I often hear a tune when I look at a picture,
enough so that it happens without concentration or effort.
When our daughter was pre-school age we often remarked that if they gave her the lesson in a melody and then (always) applauded her effort, she would go far in school.
Well, they didn't exactly teach Geometry or any other class through a melody
or applaud for that matter;
still, she excelled and continues to go far in her endeavors.
I'm guessing we provided enough music and applause to get her through. 


  1. Such beautiful skies! That second one is awesome!

  2. Lovely capture of a beautiful sky here.

  3. Music really does touch the soul. I love your rising sun, or is that setting? Either way, gorgeous light and promise.

  4. Great images! I agree, I'm going to have songs in my head all the time now...

  5. Love it!! I always have songs in my head, and I find depending on what I am doing it is a different song!!

  6. I am so glad you are enjoying Song-ography Nicki. I'm not sure why I didn't think of it sooner, as I have ALWAYS had a song in my head for one reason or another :). When I was younger I DID put my school memorizations into song form, lol. Hey,it worked :). Life is just more beautiful and memorable in song, in my world. I love your first photo how the highway takes me right into that beautiful Sun. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography, hope to see you next Sunday for "Lean on Me" :)

  7. Yes, you're right, we can remember words so much more easily when they are set to music. I've known people with brain problems who can't speak a sentence, but they can sing a song with all the verses. Fascinating. I especially love your first photo because the sunlight is diffuse and gauzy. Beautiful!

  8. Music continues to stay with us long after all other memories have left. Such an important part of our lives....great meme!!

  9. Song-ography is FUN and yes the song does help. I still like the (SHS) though too.
    Love your pictures here. That first one is so cool looking. It's great to be able to get a shot like that while heading down the highway.

  10. I ditto on enjoying songography...all week I look at things through the upcoming lyrics. It's fun!

    Nice shots by the way.

  11. Love the clouds on in the second photo. Simply beautiful!

  12. I didn't play this week...But I DO love singing the songs that she plants in my head! Have a great week Nicki.

  13. Wonderful pictures! I have been playing along with the scavenger hunt for a long time, but maybe I will have to think about doing both. I do love music!

  14. Ahhh... sweet memory! And you're right about using music as a way to learn. You were a wise mother!