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Monday, July 29, 2013

so, yesterday this happened ...

this kid of mine had the nerve to suggest we get started on Senior pictures. 

and I noticed something that had occurred to me before 

he had gone and grown-up on me 

and sending him to his room without dinner would not change any of it. 
(plus he would probably sneak down and clean out the cupboard later after I went to bed)

He is a good kid (98% of the time)
and minds his Ps & Qs.
So if I could figure out how to instruct him to slow this last year of high school down, 
I'm confident he would likely oblige me. 
But that is not how it works.


  1. Fabulous portraits - that light is wonderful (and of course such a handsome subject).

  2. This hits home to me big time Nicki...I haven't been following you long, but I can see from the before and after photos that the boy turned into a man...dang...I hate when that happens! beautiful portraits. Get the tissues me...there's going to be LOTS of these moments....sigh

  3. These look amazing. What a handsome you man. They do grow up way to fast. I still can't believe I a Grandma.. How could that be????


  4. He's grown so much since he was a freshman! Gorgeous shots of a very handsome young man!

  5. Oh Nicki, wow, how they change so quickly in High school. Sigh, my oldest is going into her junior year and I can see it all happening so fast. These are fabulous photos and really tell the story of how he's grown up.

  6. Time passes muc too quickly for us adults and way too slowly for the young'uns! He's a handsome young man!

  7. He is such a handsome young man. Little boy all grown up!!

  8. Seems like ages since mine were in school -- to be frank, I'm happy I don't have to relive those days. Lots of stress for everyone as I recall.

    He's a handsome boy and I love your photos.

  9. Oh my goodness! I can't believe how grown up he is looking. I remember when you had a hard time getting him to allow you to take photos. Must be that his time behind the camera has mellowed him... Nice shots, Nicki.

  10. These are fabulous. I love the last shot would make a perfect album cover. :-)