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Thursday, July 18, 2013

soon gone ...

summer  break
children at home 
time in general

. . .


  1. I love yarrow; it's gone crazy in my garden in the mountains....

  2. Lovin' the yarrow! I have white and red, but no yellow right now. Beautiful Nicki!

  3. So true... But the digital world might last a while so we can enjoy these flowers for a while longer.

  4. Time, summers in particular, seem to go much too quickly now!

  5. Lovely photos .... yes, where does the time go?

  6. That second shot is like a beautiful crisp firework! Amazing! And yes, the time does slip by so fast!

    I tried to leave comments over the past few days and haven't been able to type in my id, so I'm hoping this will work because I want you to know I'm checking in here because I love it so much! - Looks like it worked!

  7. For a positive take on your list I'd like to add another item that is soon gone...Today's Annoyances
    It's hard to do but I try to remind myself that most of the things that make me crazy today, will not matter at all in a month or two!

  8. Yes time seems to go by so quickly the older I get. Lovely photos.