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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

the coolest ...

How is it that other "small" towns are always so much cooler than the one you live in? 
Is it because like Lewisburg, they simply say it's so, therefore it is,
or are they really "cooler"?
I mean, we live in a "village" for crying-out-loud, does it get any quainter than that?
Perhaps like Lewisburg we should hang banners proclaiming we are the "coolest little village"
so it is said, so it is done.

I'm sure we have a Court Street -
 and I know we have a Water and Main Street.
Doesn't everyone? 

we don't have flowers on our bridge - but we make up for it by lining the street light posts with them.

cute little eateries

and fun little shops

[I would have liked to take more pictures inside the Antique Shop but the clerk was on the telephone the entire time and I prefer to get permission first.  I did sneak in a side shot of the cups on the way out just because the little devil on my left shoulder said "do it, do it, do it" - little bugger can be so persuasive at times.]

God Bless America
and all her small towns
(the "cool" and the "not as cool" alike).


  1. I love their sign..."Coolest small town in America"....Your editing of these photographs is awesome....

  2. I wonder if the sign is self-promotion, or if they were awarded the title? I LOVE that first building---it is wonderful!!

  3. I really love that first building too, with the circular balconies and arched that is cool!

  4. Love that first building too! all those bricks and white!

  5. It DOES look like a cool town...and, yes, cooler than the one in which I live. :))

  6. I love the display of tea cups in the antique store - very cool :-).
    I think if you asked folks who lived there if they thought their little town was coolest, they might beg to differ. But it does look like a nice quaint town.

  7. I just love small towns.. I have lived in Vegas for pretty darn close to 40 years. And there is nothing quaint about it. Love your photos.


  8. What a great looking cool little town! I need to put that on my list of places to try to get to one of these days. We live in a little town that is cool most of the year, but right now it's not. I am really sick of this heat!

  9. I'm dying here...i want togo into the vintage shop