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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

cleaning house ...

I frequently meander through my library of pictures and randomly edit one or two to pass the time. Generally I work them into a post, but every now and again they just sit on my desktop in limbo. Images that caught my eye through the view-finder on the camera, and eventually on the computer - 
and still, they sit. 

[losing battle]

[how did it get so late so soon?]

[neighbors unknown]
{Henrietta Hassinen texture} 

[shameless attention seeking hussies]


  1. I have done this also and you find some great shots you passed by the first time.

  2. That silo is amazing - so rough yet so intriguing!

  3. OMG!!! I do the same thing-I wonder why that is!? I like your words about photos in limbo-for me-I'm not ready to delete the photos in limbo. . Obviously something was brought to your attention through the viewfinder-otherwise the photo wouldn't have been taken. Sometimes it's your mood or timing that dictates edits. But I must say-these are beautiful and orally worth waiting to see.

  4. That should be totally NOT orally!

  5. I am pretty sure it happens to the best of us.. So many photos so little time. LOL..

    Love your photos.


  6. Whoa! These are great! Glad you fished them off your hard drive.

  7. LOL
    Happens to all of us.
    I'm embarrassed to tell you how many photos I have "in limbo" .... *shaking my head*