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Friday, August 30, 2013

questionably random and definitely more than 5 ...

We are a day away from our daughter boarding a plane to fly across the planet to another world.

We are freaking out at fitting a year's worth of clothing into one suitcase - 50 pounds or less and the suggestion to pack light and get what you need once there only works if you fall into the average female range of 5'2".

FACT: I have only birthed Godzilla sized kids - no one has been 5'2" since grade school.

Knowing that she is to meet up with someone when she arrives in the airport in Tokyo to make her way to the college campus has only slightly put me more at ease about this whole thing.

Does she need to take cotton-swabs? Why am I worried about this?

What does Japan have against Tylenol? ... or was it Excedrin....Advil... gah !

What the crap was I drinking when I said study abroad was a brilliant idea? 

The same day she leaves, my baby boy turns 18. 

At some point between now and then I have to make the best damn chocolate cream-cheese cake ever!
(he was mad at me recently and announced that a friend's mom had made the "best chocolate cake he had ever had in his life!" ... he said this knowing that I am the woman who has made him a chocolate cake for his birthday since the day he was born. --- yea, this must be avenged!) 

I haven't gotten him a birthday gift yet.

It has nothing to do with the chocolate cake comment.

To add insult to injury - his father and I will be attending the University's first football game that night and there is no way I can miss it. {we have been beside the same people for over 20 years - trust me, they will let you know about it if you miss a game. It took years before they stopped ribbing me for missing Howard University's "Ooh La La Girls"' when I was out for surgery} 


when we started this process I felt like butterfly #1 - wings intact and giddy with honeysuckle.  
I am quickly approaching butterfly #2 status - frayed and a little worse for wear.

.. .. ..
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  1. So much happening in your lives! Wow! I can't wait to hear about her adventures on the other side of the world, I hope you share snippets!

  2. Oh Nicki, Your humor comes out even though you are tormented. You are being hugged through the Universe. Money is always a good gift for 18 year olds...(yup...we did) take him clothes shopping and a burger...(yup...I did!) THEN enjoy that delicious chocolate...cheese/cake! A year really will go by in a flash...and get Facetime or brings your worlds SO much closer...( I just chatted with Frankie who's in China this morning!) Love and strength to you my friend. xo

  3. Great post, Nicki! you have so much going on and yet you can take the time to smile and laugh. the year will go quickly and go make that cake! ;)

  4. I think it would be very nerve-wracking to send a kid overseas. And what to take??? That's bad enough when you go on a two week vacation. We lived in Chile for a year around the turn of the century and we found that there were virtually no stores there at the time that sold clothing in No. American sizes. So I totally understand that dilemma. But it will be a great experience for your daughter except that she has to miss the best damn chocolate cheesecake in the world. Oh, well. Such is life.

  5. Oh my...I know the feeling. My daughter studied abroad in Florence. And that was mind boggling to me. However, I think Japan has that beat! What an adventure! Something she will remember her entire life...and so will you :).

  6. If I were you I would make a Chocolate cake and eat the whole thing myself. I wish the best for you daughter.. She is going to have the time of her life. And Happy Birthday to your son.. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photos..


  7. You have a lot on your plate that isn't cheesecake. :)
    I can't imagine fitting everything in one suitcase.
    I wish her safe travels and a very Happy Birthday to your son!
    If I were you I'd have lots of cheesecake.

    Lovely butterfly shots!

  8. What a rich time in your life! I can imagine how you feel having your daughter so far away. She will grow so much from the experience. Prayers for you, frazzled Mom!

  9. You've got so many changes going on Nicki -- I can understand your frayed feeling.

    I'm so glad you had time to share at R5F this week -- wishing you a few moment of peace and relaxation this weekend. xo

  10. Wow ... all of that going on ..... and you still managed to make me laugh!!!!