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Saturday, August 31, 2013

Happy 18th Birthday ...

Happy Birthday to our youngest who has too often had to share the thunder of his birthday with
colleges visits for his sister, 
transporting his sister to college 
 shipping his sister off to Japan. 
Though it might seem to him that he is second fiddle to his big sister 
- no way, no how -
I would not want to imagine one day without the 
and honor 
of having him for a son. 

Memories of Birthdays Past: 

Happy Birthday to You! 

Have never forgotten your birthday
including today!


  1. Awwww ... sweet!
    Happy Birthday to him!

  2. Love that collection of cake toppers --- happy birthday to your boy.

  3. I was hoping you'd post today...I know today is so bitter sweet and I wanted to "hug" you through the universe...again and again!

  4. I can't beleive you kepted all the toppers! That is so cool. Hope he has a happy birthday.

  5. Aw, we used to keep the cake toppers too!!

    Hope he has a marvelous day and a spectacular year!!

  6. HAPPY Birthday to your son ... he and my son have this special day in common !!!!

  7. Happy birthday! Are these all photos of his birthday cake toppers? How fantastic you are to have kept all these. My Things were lucky to just get candles :)

  8. Congratulations on having a wonderful son! My son Evan played second fiddle to his (much more "interesting")sister for years. But he's such a terrific person that I am thankful every day for him (and his "interesting" sister, too, of course.) Hope you son has a great birthday!

  9. It's hard to be the second born sometimes. But your son knows how much you love him. Love is transmitted in so many ways! Like, in the saving of these cute, little mementos from birthdays past. Even as he is probably rolling his eyes, deep down he knows you save these things because they remind you of him, and of how special he is. I have a box full of those things, too. Happy birthday to that lucky boy!