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Monday, August 5, 2013

patience my young padawan ...

I have sat at my desk and watched hummingbird after hummingbird flit around the feeder, park for awhile, then look back at me and laugh as I frantically make a run for the camera to get "THE" photo. 

They know. 
I know. 
they won't be there when I return. 

I have watched them enjoy the flowers;
knowing that by the time I get the camera (now sitting on the table beside the door), 
take the lens cap off and turn the camera on
they will not be there.

Countless shots taken through the door, 
wistfully hoping I might get that  'clean' shot. 

patience my young padawan
yesterday I had nowhere to be,
I managed to convience the kitty patrol to take five,
so I just sat,
 and sat,
and sat
with camera turned on and at the ready

and despite these silly birds and their crazy antics, 
I managed to get some pictures that I like.

{apparently it comes with age}


  1. Your patience was definitely rewarded. Great shots.

  2. Getting a picture of a humming bird is definatly a practice in patience. You got a couple great ones!

  3. I commend your patience! Hummers are so hard to capture...and you've done it admirably. I'm also glad that you included the earlier attempts, so we can see just how difficult it is to "shoot" these little guys.

  4. Love these shots! Even the one's thru the window! I hung up a feeder, and every now and again, I see one come zooming in. It sees me and takes off immediately without even stopping. So I'll probably never ever get a good photo of one these tiny tiny birds!

  5. Wow!! Look at those wings! Great shots and great patience!

  6. WoW, talk about payday!!! your images are amazing!!

  7. Your patience was indeed rewarded! Nice shots!

  8. These are fantastic! Yes, patience is its own reward. They are cute little buggers!

  9. The images are fantastic. I must remember to say a prayer, every morning, for an increase in patience. It is so vital to photography but hard to come by sometimes, in our rush, rush world.

  10. Great shots. It is so hard to get a clean shot of birds, but it is so much fun to try.

  11. On days that I have nothing I do-I too sit and wait for that perfect clean shot. It ain't easy-u done good Nicki.

  12. i really love these little birds ;) great shots!

  13. Oh, that last one - just beautiful!
    I also really like your third shot. It is such a challenge to shoot these guys.
    Yes, patience has its rewards.

  14. Yes patience is needed with bird photography. Which I have none, that is why so few of my bird images come out decent. Your patience had paid off. Beautiful shots.

  15. Those are some great captures, Nicki!