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Saturday, September 28, 2013

final homecoming ...

this will be our last homecoming
{high school wise at least}

. . .
two different children
two different experiences

Allyson could have cared less - her attendance record was spotty.
Ryan on the other hand hasn't missed one. (dance wise, and a good many games) 

For both - it has been more about fun with friends and less about having a date.
And for both - there has been been a token homecoming parade.
Allyson's Senior year was the first time in a very long time that they had a parade, and due to either weather or something else, there has not been a parade since.
Not until this year 
- Ryan's Senior year. 

I didn't manage to get to the parade early enough
so I settled for some photos at the finale. 

The candy, beauty queen waves, and smiles were still flying.

love these girls

I would crown them both Queen if it were up to me.

. . . then there is this crazy group!
(the one in the middle may or may not belong to me)

the footballers
 - he kept giving me the thumbs up - that, or his mom was standing right behind me.
(#awkward moments)

and the surrounding elementary schools making a contribution
(can I get a woot! woot! for the Martha Mustangs - alma mater of my kiddos)

Long gone are the days when I proudly walked by one of my kid's float,
and in no time, standing on the side eager to search out and photograph familiar faces has passed as well.

I never imagined how much I would miss it this little ritual when it was over.

On the plus side - we do have a cousin's kid coming up in the ranks - so, well, there is that!


  1. Really enjoyed this, ah those were the days !

  2. Lol-hmmmm I think the one in the middle is having a moment!!!!! Love this-as always Nicki

  3. Just what fall is all about! You captured some wonderful candid shots of the activities.
    I love all the balloons in the car. Looks like someone had a good time. :)

  4. I was never invited to any proms etc. during high school.... sigh...

  5. Oh I do remember those days....and how much fun everything was. You captured the fun again with these photos!!

  6. I do miss miss these times. You capture some great photos indeed..


  7. My Senior could care less about "silly high school events" and it makes me sad...cause I care! Hopefully he won't regret not caring when he gets older. Loved your pictures!