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Friday, September 27, 2013

holy crap, it's Friday already ...

yea - its been one of those weeks months.

FYI - the Orchids - still alive and blooming!

At least one of the balls in the air is doing well
and that my friends is a red-letter, gold star, kinda thing for me right now.


  1. I love orchids!! Good for you for being able to tend to them so well!!

  2. I had kind of a busy week so I say very similar words about Friday today myself. These weeks just fly by. Love your orchid pic and am glad to know yours are doing well. Mine is falling apart. I fear that our house is just too cold.

  3. Nice Orchid. Hurray for a ball in the air !!

  4. Orchid is beautiful...I admire them, but I don't treat them well. How is your daughter doing?? Hope she is back on track!!