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Sunday, September 8, 2013

I want to break free | song*ography ...

Join me as I link up with Kathy over at  youllshootyoureyeout
for this week's song memes

I want to Break Free
~ Queen ~
.. .. .. 

 I want to break free

I want to break free 

I want to break free from your lies 

You're so self satisfied I don't need you 

I've got to break free 

God knows, 
God knows 
I want to break free 



 {I'm having computer issues, so you get what you get between hard drive melt downs 
- possibly related to my mental melt downs too.} 

Have a good weekend y'all!


  1. LMAO!!oh Nicki...first i'm sorry about your pc problems...but those chicks and that goat..made me smile

  2. Made me kinda sad. But, I hope they get to run free sometimes!

  3. LOL
    Not laughing at your pc problems ... but that post just cracked me up!!!!
    I've been wanting to play in "Song-o-graphy" ... just can't feel the songs yet!!!!
    Maybe next week!

  4. awwww great mids think alike!! I don't like seeing any animals caged but often the are rescued or safer where they are!!

    Love the chicks!!

  5. Oh this was a fun post. I'm sure those animals would love being free but I'm guessing that they are in feeding pens in these shots so not to worried about them being kept locked up. - I had to laugh at the e-I-e-I o (I've heard that commercial) and it cracks me up every time.

  6. what adorable little chicks. their fur is soooo yellow.

  7. Perfection!!! I love all those little critters and you did a great job speaking for them!

  8. FYI, I'm sitting at 30,000 feet flying in a plane with complete strangers...and just literally SNORTED when I saw that goats face! I think my fellow passengers are scared of me now :). Thanks for both the laugh AND joining in on Song-ography:)

  9. You put a smile on my face! Love your post -great idea!

  10. These are prefect shots for the prompt.. That little chicks face is so sweet..