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Friday, September 6, 2013

manager's special ...


At 99 cents, these were a steal;
it's ashame I only managed to snap a couple of pictures while they were still around.
On the upside, things should ease up in the next week or so -
just in time for Fall foliage.


  1. These are the prettiest flowers to photograph. happy weekend my friend

  2. I'll look forward to your fall foliage. love that first photo! it is like dancing!

  3. Both lovely in different ways. I do like the texture on the second one but then the purity of the first is appealing too...
    As far as "On the upside, things should ease up in the next week or so -" good luck with that. I've been saying that same thing to myself for the last two months...hope you are more successful than I have been at calming down the busy.

  4. Glad you had time to snap these! Thanks for the feedback on my header. It's gotten a lot of attention to my surprise. I use the same header on Facebook as I do on my blog. Saves me thinking time.

  5. Very nice flower shots. Love that texture. Hope you get some down-time soon! xo