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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

atta boy sport ...

My husband's cousin's son is a soccer star in the making. 
 He has the energy level and the coordination thing going in his favor 
- so much so that in a practice session, he out scored the rest of the team 100%.
Getting to watch him practice was so fun;
the boys at an age where their constant tug at the front or back of their shorts is only interrupted by a passing plane and instructions by the coach barely registers on their attention-radar.


  1. Love those little legs! This is a great way to keep those active little boys busy! Your husband's cousin must be so proud of that little guy! xo

  2. Oh what a sweet shot you got, and I loved that age when my son played are so right about the attention radar! lol

  3. Nice action shot!
    My granddaughter started playing soccer this year. I noticed at her practice they all were and weren't paying attention. :)

  4. Great action shot-Nicki-this shot is so crystal clear-what settings and lens do u use?