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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

tulips with no texture ...

Reloading textures will take time
and while time has not exactly been my BFF lately
it has served its purpose.

My kid on the flip side of the world has told me that at this time she is happy and good 
(loves where she is at and content with herself);
and the kid still under our roof told me yesterday that he is happy and good
with life, friends and school.  He recognized that the hardest of times in high school pushed him out of a (false) comfort zone and into something much more real and fulfilling.

For a mom - this trumps textures every day of the week.


  1. Content children make for comfort in the textures of our life .

  2. Yeah, having your children happy, makes Mom happy!!

  3. Well yes, absolutely it trumps everything....good job mom!

  4. It is so wonderful for a Mom to hear those words. :) xo

  5. I've been told that a mom is only as happy as her saddest You must be on top of the world! These tulips are GORGEOUS>

  6. Beautiful photos! But you are right...if the kids are happy, we're happy. Glad to hear that your daughter is settling down in Japan. Are you going to visit?