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Monday, October 14, 2013

busted ...

Cracker Barrel
Rt 60, WV

It is funny that several of you who visited yesterday remarked about how I got busted by the barber in my snapshot at the stoplight. In fact, as I took the picture from the passenger seat, my son, who is normally cool about my picture taking, exclaimed "OMG mom, he saw you!". Like somehow I was trying to be inconspicuous or quite frankly, cared. I am mindful of invading people's privacy, but in general I don't worry too much about photographing people on the street, or from the street, or driving down the street. In short - if you are near the street beware because you might get photographed.

How about you, how do you feel about photographing random people in public places?


  1. Uh oh! I love the look I get from people as I get in that awkward position to get a shot - I don't care, as long as I get my shot!

  2. I love the cracker barrel shot. Just yesterday I was watching some youtube videos about street photography and they were quite interesting. One was dos and don'ts which was informative. I feel that in public anything goes. Of course I don't do much street photography with people in the shot but hoping to get out and about soon to try some more and see what happens.

  3. Cool shot! I had to chuckle when I saw it. Years ago, my parents would go out of their way on the way to Florida to eat at a Cracker Barrel. Now, they are all over creation, including in our town. We never go because there are so many ma and pa places around here. Why go to a chain? But it made me remember all of a sudden. I am not sure about photographing people. People are generally not my subject area, but now and then I see one who is irresistible. I usually try to get them from the back or otherwise so that they can't be identified, but you know, if you are on the street these days, your picture is probably being taken by someone. Who can really complain if one is out in Public?!

  4. Love those rockers, especially the little one! I have had some very angry looks at people who thought I was taking their photo, but was actually taking shots of gardens or something else. I try to respect other's privacy, but sometimes they happen to sneak into my shot. xo

  5. Loving the color and the focus on this shot.. Looks fab.

    If I think I can get a shot off without the person seeing me I will.

    Hope you're having a happy week.


  6. I love these chairs. It doesn't happen too often that I take peoples pictures that I don't know or have not asked their permission to do so, but as long as they are flattering, I don't see a problem. I thought your photo was a great example of life 'on the street".