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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Tuesday muse ...

the kiddo had a day off of school yesterday 
 - "Innovation Zone Day" - 

1. the action or process of innovating. synonyms: change, alteration, revolution, upheaval, transformation, metamorphosis, breakthrough 

 I ask, should we be concerned? 
 A day for the teachers to: 
make alteration, 
start a REVOLUTION, 
cause UPHEAVAL, 
have transformation, 
undergo metamorphosis
or  have a breakthrough? 


I'm not complaining as it worked out well for a college visit 
- but seriously, can't we just call it was it was 

Columbus Day 
concocted holiday
1)  the day we skip school and work in the name of someone who apparently did NOT discovery America first; simply someone who made a bigger deal of it.  2) the celebration of a valiant effort with cool ship names that roll off the tongue like a children's rhyme:
the Nina, the Pinta, and the Santa Maria.

*reality check: 
probably not their real names 
- but then, are we actually celebrating things for what they really are?
I think not!

** correction - yesterday was "ISE" and Friday was "Innovation Zone" - regardless!!!


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  1. concocted haha! yes! He bumped into America! It's not even named for him either lol

  2. Stunning picture, Nicki!
    Interesting musings today.

  3. I feel like I could reach right out and touch these!

  4. Yes I agree with your assessment. Here private schools have off, but not the public ones.

    Beautiful photo.

  5. What cool bel shaped buds! Really neat! Had to laugh at your take on the school holidays. Never heard of Innovation Zone.

  6. I didn't get the day off, and neither did my kids. But I do remember getting Columbus day off when I was in school in MA....
    Your flowers remind me of lily of the valley, but I'm pretty sure it's not - still - nice and delicate - love the contrast against the blue background.

  7. The things they come up with today for no school. Hmm!!

  8. These flowers just make my heart sing! Yes, it is funny we still celebrate Columbus Day. I was happy to have a day off work, for whatever reason!

  9. Whatever happened to just calling it "inservice?"

  10. Wow those Canterbury Bells are divine. Love your edit of them.
    Here the kids went to school on Columbus day. They were off 2 days last week for school conference. I agree what a silly holiday.

  11. We don't celebrate Columbus day, but I know there is a Dutch expression "The egg of Columbus" which means finding a simple solution to a difficult task :)

    I love the subtle edit on those beautiful bell flowers, they come also in purple and pink.

  12. Loving your flowers.. So pretty.


  13. Wow -- those blooms are gorgeous. And what you do you mean, Columbus didn't discover America? Lol. ;)

  14. Those flowers are so pretty - I wrote a column for the newspaper last year and my day for print happened to fall on Columbus Day, so naturally I wrote about it. Well, I sure did get a lesson in how people feel about Columbus! Seems not many people think we should be celebrating this holiday due to what has been discovered about Columbus! So, I say we celebrate the long weekend! Now that is something to celebrate!

  15. It seems at the hallmark store, everyday is a holiday.....and don't get me started with the schools!!

    Your flowers and image are very beautiful!!