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Friday, October 25, 2013

Five on Friday ...


1) I daydream of pitching everything out of the house and starting from scratch.

 2) Occasionally family and pets are included in that daydream.

 3) I worry about this next generation with their incessant 'all or nothing' attitude. There are simply too many suicides and homicides. (one is too many - but seriously, there isn't a day that passes without something of that nature in the news) My son remarked last evening that he feels bad for kids who can't see beyond high school - that they can't even imagine 'different', 'better', or 'possible'. They cancelled a bullying video yesterday on the heels of a report that a student committed suicide after watching a video on bullying. We didn't have videos to "teach" us how to be civil, but we also didn't have schools populated to the extent they currently are - where there are so many students corralled down any given hall between classes that the shove up against the locker, name calling, or tripping goes undetected by staff. Chalk one more up to consolidation. Bureaucracy! I know that isn't the full cause - but it certainly contributes and limits teachers/parents/kids from stopping things at that point of the problem. I also feel strongly that unsupervised computer use by minors needs to be addressed. I'll be the first to acknowledge that I'm not the cool mom and I'm good with that. Though I do allow my kids access to MySpace/FaceBook/Twitter/Tumbler and what ever the next craze is - it has been, and will continue to be [until this one graduates], with the stipulation that I will randomly visit their Space/Book/Twit/Tum and they better hope all is copacetic or privileges will be yanked.
[stepping down from soapbox now. ]

 4) College Financial Dept - get your shit together! My kid is on planet JAPAN per your program and needs a day certain when her tuition/stipend money will be in her account. You wouldn't like to have to guess when you may or may not receive your paycheck so why do you think it is okay to dangle a student in a foreign country under those circumstances?

 5) Please Eastern Panhandle have colorful foliage this weekend. Thank you!

and a random for the road:
 People - get your pets neutered/spaded
- this is one of the cuties from out back - none have been"fixed" so I am guessing there will be more. I am a sucker but have my limits - I'll leave out food and build a makeshift shelter for colder weather - but revisit Random #2 (I'm at my limits indoors!).

eta:  about yesterday's picture
- it is a glass pumpkin that when I started to edit I accidently hit 'inversion' and loved the result.
Some accidents are a good thing.
Accidental kitty/puppy pregnancy isn't.
ok, done!


  1. Speaking of your no. 1 fact, I would like to do the same! :)
    Your kitties are adorable by the way, and I'm a Nikon girl too.

  2. Oh I love your soap box:) Student payments are frightening enough not coming in if you are in the country I cannot imagine how hard that was in Japan. Love your photos. Cute Kitty. B

  3. It's a super challenge to find and express a positive, uplifting way about us when society has gone bonks.
    I love, love, love the way you express the need for humanity - and civility.
    I volunteer for a couple of animal rescue organizations . . I'm so with you on responsibility.
    I have thrown EVERYTHING away and started over . . . more than once . . . it works - but ya gotta be brave.
    Happy Friday!

  4. what a handsome kitty! I agree with you and your number 3. civility -- manners ... i feel for the poor kitties and work with several rescue organizations that spay/neuter the *wild* ones ... a never ending job. i enjoyed your five. have a great week.

  5. I agree with you completely - get your animals fixed people, there are too many homeless animals already! My sister-in-law runs a Spay/Neuter Clinic in our area, I refer everyone there. Maybe your area has a trap and release program, where an organization will trap the ferals, fix, them and release them? That might help out. :( You are a good person to care about their well being and to feed and give them shelter.

  6. Oh, I definitely identify with #1...and occasionally the animal part of #2.

  7. Great post! I love the collage of your kitty's face--beautiful!

    Yes--get your pets spayed or neutered! There's a family on our street that has litter after litter of kittens, then lets them roam outdoors and in the street. I would love to gather them all and give them a home, but I can't take in every stray--as can no one. People need to stop being nominal pet owners and take responsibility! (OK, get down from the soapbox, Tina. :-))

    Yes, more civility and more responsibility. And I hope your daughter gets the funds straight soon!

  8. Your No. 3 could have come out of my mouth. It is very disturbing that so many kids don't seem to have any hope. I am not sure of the cause or the cure, but I do believe that we don't put enough emphasis as a country on the most important resource we have -- our kids. Sad little feral kitty. I hope for the best for him/her. Yes, people! Get your pets neutered!!

  9. your sweet cat - those eyes! and about the youth and our society ... the social media and media generally makes Things blow to a bigger scale ... it is good that adults can help the kids to administer these mediaforms. hoping all goes well with the tuition!

  10. I totally understand that occasionally you wish to toss out everything and start over. Oh, and that sometimes includes the humans too. :))

  11. Such cute kitties! College bureaucracy is insane! American U issued my diploma and still things I go there!

  12. Sweet little kitties! I have the same feeling about starting over. So many problems in our society, all we can do is try to do our own little part and talk, talk, talk to our kids about these issues and why they are important. Spaying and neutering should be mandatory. Just sayin'. Unless you have a license and are regulated. xo

  13. I like your list, though the dilemma about the financial aide is a bit frightening! Best of all though is the happy accident with your glass pumpkin photo! I like it too!

  14. Well your daydream is an interesting thought. I'm always (jokingly) saying around here, "You can be replaced." But you know I bet you really wouldn't want to start all over. - Such a sweet looking kitty. I'm also glad you are helping to take care of the new little ones outside but I do agree people who own outside pets should get them fixed. Same sort of problem in our neighborhood. Hope your daughter gets everything straightened out soon with her financial aid.

  15. Your kitty's eyes are beautiful! I agree with you about the spaying and neutering. I lose my heart to every cat and dog. They all should have a loving home.

  16. All of our cats are fixed and it is the right thing to do. Feel so sorry for the roamers that must have such a hard life.

  17. LOL
    I so look forward to your posts ... you make me chuckle!
    Yes, I daydream about scrapping everything and starting over!!!!