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Sunday, October 27, 2013

forever young | song*ography ...

Forever Young 

 Linking up Kathy at youllshootyoureyeout for a little song*ography


It was fun to visit my alma mater this weekend with my son at their open house for prospective students.  The trip down memory lane certainly made me long for my younger days and appreciate the simpler times.  
I have to confess that at the time it never occurred to me that 
what the college had to offer 
wasn't good enough, 
or the campus 
wasn't good enough.  
And somehow this weekend I was doing just that 
- giving the foundation of my entry into adulthood the third degree; criticizing it for not having enough dining halls or multiple libraries and no Starbucks on campus.  I mean honestly!  pfft!!

In truth, our message to both children has been for them to pick a school that fits them, a place where they believe they can figure out who they want to be and one that will best equip them to be just that.
Do what makes you happy, not what you think will make us happy.

Life is too short
what ever road you choose
we'll be right behind you


  1. Well said. And a handsome photo! Choosing a college is a major life decision. But as you said, no school is perfect. I'm betting your son will have a rich experience whatever choice he makes. And obviously he has support from you. That means all the world!

  2. This is a wonderful photo of your son. He's quite handsome and I just love the lighting, background of the photo as well. I think it's wonderful that you were there to help share in the choosing of his college experience.

  3. Ahhhh, we are sharing similar paths lately. I have a high school junior and we are just planning the college visits now. The difference is I will always think MY alma mater is the BEST! lol. Seriously tho, you've got to find your "fit" and be comfortable. What a handsome young man you the profile shot. What sort of background is that? It's such an interesting looking door/wall. Thanks for joining in on Song-ography, and good luck with the college search :)

    1. Kathy - it was a piece of sculpture/art behind one of the buildings at Shepherd Univ. - so simple and yet so interesting.

  4. Gorgeous shot! Someone told me, that when you walk on to "your" campus you know it. They were so right for me 2x over. I can't wait to hear more about your searches!

  5. Yep, visiting old haunts and preparing kids for new adventures can be daunting♫ My Song♫♪...

  6. ....not what you think will make us happy. Funny how often we have to repeat that message to get them to really believe it!! Love your shot, and it's perfect with the song verse added to it!

  7. awww...what an awesome picture. loving and letting go, it's not easy. mine are 30 & 31 now, how is that possible!!

  8. I picked an image of my daughter striding along. It just felt right, she is moving away from me, blossoming into her own person but I am right behind her.