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Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Tuesday Muse ...

the fact of the matter is - candy corn is probably the epitome of "candy"  
it is pure sugar and corn syrup 

it is not, however, a substitute for your veggies come dinner time kids! 

Honestly, I'm not even sure children like it; it's one of those grown-up treats.  It is something we had as children because cool candy hadn't been invented yet - so we eat it for old time's sake.
I do know that my mom loved a bowl mixed with salted peanuts sit out around this time of year to grab a handful every now and again. 

As for me, I think it makes for a pretty jar filler.  I suspect I would not be sad or missing anything (except empty calories with empty satisfaction) if I never ate another piece for the rest of my life.

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  1. I always think I would like to have some when I see it in the stores...must be memories of my childhood or something..because I really don't like candy corn.

  2. I love this shot - the candy itself, not so much.

  3. Such a gorgeous photo and I so agree with you! It is such a beautiful and inviting candy and then I buy a bag and think to myself-why?!
    Visiting from A Rural Journal

  4. Those sweets are high calorie bombs, but they are great photography props. I love their sunny colors!

  5. I never really liked candy corn found it too sweet. Great colors though.

  6. I just had candy corn for the first time in ages - whoa it's addictive!!

  7. Love the shot.
    I'm not a fan of candy husband loves it. He can and will eat bags of it.

  8. I love candy corn, and I think that you are right about most of the generations gone by loving it for old time's sake. It was a herald of autumn and Halloween. Still is for me. I also love them with peanuts. Tastes like a Payday bar!

  9. Being from the UK i haven't tried them Halloween is still quite a new thing over here but we seem to be catching up fast !!

  10. It may be all sugar but it sure makes for a great photograph!! My daughter still buys candy corn, so when I am there I always grab a handful.

  11. fun shot. i love candy corn and the little pumpkins -- old-fashioned candies that i remember from my childhood -- many, many many moons ago!

  12. Ha-ha! Love your comment about veggies. I shall have to remember that. You made these look spectacular.

  13. Yep, not my favorite although I do have to admit that it is pretty. Terrific photo of this old classic!

  14. I like candy corn and I'm thinking the salted peanuts your mom added would take away from the super sweet taste.