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Wednesday, October 30, 2013

wordless | less words Wednesday ...

- flock of birds -
traveling car --- I64
.. .. ..
'birds in flight' has been an eye catcher for me lately, 
and just like reflections, shadows, or sunflare 
 I search it out, 
am quicker to notice it,
and give it more of my time 
in my quest to capture it photographically

I have realized that since picking up the camera (again)
so many things around me - things that have always been there
just seem more enchanting, eye catching, and beautiful.

Birds / Cats / Flowers
Trees / Sunrise/Sunset / Leaves
they didn't just 'happen'


  1. This pic is kind of Halloween-y (in a pretty kind of way, though) --very timely! :)

  2. Great shot , I love the whole composition of it. Photography is becoming more and more of what I feel lately ,and my camera has become a comforting friend that I can always reach for.

  3. I too like the way birds swoop and gather this time of the year. This is a beautiful shot.

  4. i could not agree more. photography is not just a way to capture our own memories but a way to record all the beauty in the world!!

    awesome capture!!

  5. This photo really evokes an atmosphere - perfect for Halloween!

  6. I really like the framing of the shot, the starkness of it and the not quite spooky atmosphere.
    Beautiful fall capture!

  7. I totally agree about the "seeing" thngs differently. I notice things that I used to just take for granted, now I stop and marvel at the beauty of the clouds, trees, flowers,leaves..... I just see things differently now. I like how this image evokes a feeling of fall, even though it is black and white and the trees are bare the birds give it a fallish feel.