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Thursday, October 31, 2013

all hallows eve ...

Twist the bones and bend the back
Itchita Copita Malica Mystica
Trim him of his baby fat
Itchita Copita Malica Mystica
Give him fur black as black

I just noticed that they now include the calorie count as well as fat, sugar, carb (etc) listing on every bag of candy. 

 takes * the * fun * out * of * everything! 

If out driving tonight remember to
watch out for little kids who can not see through their costumes,
adults who can not see through their pumpkin juice,
and always,

black cats!

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  1. "...adults who can not see through their pumpkin juice," Bwahahaha, I loved that!

    Happy Halloween!

  2. Love that last image Nick -- perfect! Happy Halloween!

  3. LOL, love that blurry image. Happy Halloween to you too!

  4. A very fun post!
    I liked your creative choice of the blurry image to get your point across.
    In the five years where I presently live I have my two neighbor kids and that's it. I buy one small bag of candy and make them treat bags. The few remaining Reese Cups will be devoured by me and Hubby. I'm not reading the bag. Helps put the Happy in Halloween!!!!
    Happy Halloween NIcki!

  5. I love coming here, I always leave with a little that last image (kind of through the eyes of the adult with too much pumpkin juice!, haha)

  6. Nice spooky images! Happy Halloween!! Boo!

  7. Oh, Love it! Just stomp on those empty wrappers with the calorie counts. Or better yet, throw them in the fire! Happy Halloween! xo

  8. Who looks at the back of the wrappers? Not me!

  9. This was so fun to see! Happy Friday!