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Friday, November 1, 2013

lets ramble on about random things, okay?

Every time I travel north towards Morgantown, I pass this barn and am intrigued by the Amish barn tree quilt thingie. Not your normal pattern and not exactly in Amish country.

** please note that the black specks are not dirt, but birds
- zooming by at 70 mph and I still managed to get some birds in flight
- I tell ya, I'm on a roll!!

Last night's Trick-or-Treat was an all time high.  While it was warm(ish), it was initially raining at a decent rate so I figured we would not get many kids - but apparently mail service workers in the making - those little beggars were prepared for rain, snow, sleet ... you get the point. We had visitors right up to the last minute and after handing the last little boy a meager tiny "Fun Size" Snickers, I felt bad and was tempted to chase after him with the remaining stash realizing that it is very possible he was ringing our doorbell as the clock struck 8 because his parents work and he couldn't get out earlier. Don't you hate it when you realize something - but you realize it too late?


PS - who ever came up with the label "Fun Size" needs to get out more.  


As if placating little superheros, goblins, princesses and every assorted Duck Dynasty imaginable wasn't enough entertainment, we had a freak wind/rain storm late last night - well, technically very early this morning - 2 a.m. (ish) and the first thought that came to me when I heard the wind was 
"damn, all those styrofoam tombstones are officially history!" 
then "damn, I should have taken down the flag and pole cause it's probably sticking in my car window now".  
so I rolled back over in bed and figured "damn, I'll deal with it tomorrow!"

For the record
this morning all the tombstones, witches, pumpkins, and flag poles were secure and intact.
And as if that wasn't enough to make it a Tip Top Friday,
the phone rang and there was no high school due to a power outage.  


That "no school today!" phone call never gets old - and I don't even go to school.

The insertion of rain into our forecast over the past few days has surprised me with some added color. I had resigned myself to the fact that we had skipped Autumn and gone straight to brown.

Let the record show that I did not eat one piece of candy this year.  Not 1 stinkin piece!
No M&M, Peanut Butter or Twix bar.
I do believe that I am strengthening my force field against the nagging voice
"Nicki, come to the dark side - we have chocolate!"

Looks to be a good weekend.

* * *

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  1. Are you in Morgantown West Virginia ? ( Western PA here...Houston PA / Washington County )

    We had similar weather so I am wondering : )

    1. Deb - I am referring to Morgantown, WV - I don't live there, but do have to travel in that direction on occasion.

  2. What a fun post Nicki -- love your dry sense of humor.
    We are still waiting for the big winds to arrive -- thanks for sending them out way? :)

  3. gorgeous barn. dark side i'm there. yum!!! ( ;

  4. Nicki......I so enjoy coming here and visiting!
    You always manage to make me laugh .... your "fun size" comment made me spray my coffee out!!!!! :-D
    We had the rain and winds this morning .... blew my garbage bin over.
    Have a wind-free weekend!

  5. With you completely on the "fun size" thing. What's up with that?? And I still get a thrill when there's no school and my kids have been out for years now. I guess it's one of those old hangovers from my youth. Love your pics, especially the water reflection one. Very impressionistic.

  6. That last shot with all the color and reflection is amazing .
    Good for you no chocolate ...what willpower !

  7. Well your Halloween turn-out was way better then ours and we had beautiful weather.
    Your Amish barn might have an Amish "hex" sign on it (do a Google search) although it's a bit different from normal hex sign patterns.
    So lovely fall foliage there.
    I'm happy you suffered no damage from the storm and I admire your strong will to resist the "dark side" - Me, I caved!

  8. Is this barn near Morgantown, PA? I used to live in Lancaster County,PA before moving to CO. You have a steely resolve, Nicki, to avoid candy at this time of the year. How are you with Thanksgiving?

    1. This is near Morgantown, WV (probably closer to Buchannon/Weston). As for Thanksgiving - I'm taking it one step at a time. Fortunately we don't keep many if any sweets around that time of year, it is the Christmas candies that are fogging up the forecast.

  9. Love that last shot and good for you I went to that dark side and I was sorry but it was delicious:) B

  10. Gorgeous photos today, Nicki! Your thoughts always make me smile - funny stuff! I know- what do they mean by 'fun size'? To me that would be the super size that gives you the big bellyache and you say, 'Oh, why did I eat that'? Good for you for avoiding those thigh busters. I had half a Hershey bar that was so darn thin I couldn't believe they can get away with calling it a 'candy bar'. Have a great weekend! xo

  11. :) I saw this barn earlier today but I didn't have my notes in front of me so I waited to comment.
    I know this barn well. We've been acquainted about three years. I pass it a few times a year on my way to and from my son's in DC.
    The barn is actually in Garrett County Maryland beside I-68 near about an hour east of Morgantown. The quilt block is called 'The Circle of Life in Garrett County' and depicts the four seasons. I suspect the tree stands for the Christmas tree farms in the area but don't know that for sure. All info just says depicting life in Garrett county. I actually have pics from August that I haven't processed yet. We actually had exited the interstate before this to take some photos of some wind turbines and ended up circling around and coming out on the road by the barn so I was able to take some photos sitting still for once. :)