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Friday, November 22, 2013

Friday ramblings ...

by the end of the week, 
all that is left to do is ramble 
and take stock of all the random that has occurred over the past 5 days.

Ta da!
and with that we bid Fall adieu.
Not only have we shanked the turkey and dressing celebration,
we have bulldozed right by the Big Man in the red suit and gone straight to
Weight Watchers
There's always the gym ...
have you considered Anorexia or Bulimia?
That's right - we are up to New Years resolutions -
or at least we are if you set your calendar according to TV land.
I don't know about anyone else, but I get whiplash being jerked between the rich decadent Ferrero Rocher chocolates versus the varied and assorted options on how to lose those unwanted pounds.
am I supposed to want to be fat or skinny --- I'm so confused!

Ever since I read Kathy's post over at  youll shoot your eye out   about going cheese shopping to get out of her funk, well cheese has been on my mind. We're talking the good stuff, the kind that melts in your mouth with each bite and not the fake, processed, something the FDA is still a little iffy with calling "cheese" kind. My favorite combo is a thin cracker, a tart apple, and a mellow cheese.

Did you see the David Blaine special on TV the other evening?
The dude is not normal
and his magical talent is sick,
as in "OMG how did he do that?",
and maybe a few 'eews'.
I have seen some of his previous specials and this one, 'Real or Magic', did not disappoint.

Kiddo #1 is getting ready to take a 10 day trip through Kyoto to Hiroshima and some other stops along the way.  Each time we Face Time she shares what she has been up to - like how she bikes 30 minutes each way to the train stop for many excursions; 30 minutes --- could you imagine asking our kids over here to get on their bike and head to the store 30 minutes away?  Yea, me neither.  She informed me that fruits and vegetables are so expensive you almost have to be celebrating a special occasion to even consider purchasing them.  And apparently it is believed that Americans celebrate Christmas with meals from Kentucky Fried Chicken.  Close - so close!  Can you guess where she and her cohorts will be having Christmas dinner - yup, KFC -- only there are no potatoes or coleslaw - just rice --- kinda loses some of the 'American comfort' in the translation.  
During our talks her contentment is evident not only in her words but on her face and while I'm going to miss her like crazy over the holidays, knowing she will be having KFC makes it a little more manageable.  [not really - but lets go with that, ok?!]

I could ramble on for at least another 4 or 5 pictures
but I'll save that for another day.

Enjoy your weekend. 


  1. My head is spinning with the holidays... why always such a whirlwind, starting with Halloween all the way through New Year's, it's gotten hard just to enjoy one at a time. Maybe I need some cheese or chocolate to slow me down and force me to relax ;)

  2. Ya know I meant to watch that David Blaine special and then forgot, not uncommon. Cheese, I like cheese, with crackers and grapes or the other kind of grapes in the glass aka wine. Hope your #1 is having a marvelous time, soaking up all that culture and KFC for Thanksgiving? we had fish sticks one time for Christmas dinner....hmm!!

  3. I'm so happy your daughter is enjoying her time. Japan is such an amazing country. She's going to have memories to last a lifetime. Thank goodness for modern technology huh? And I believe I've already gained my first few holiday pounds... Yuck. Loved visiting today-as always. Xo

  4. Dang! I missed watching David Blaine's special!!!
    Wow.....what an opportunity for your daughter!
    Holiday pounds??? I ignore them until after New Year's .... what put extra stress on myself! LOL
    Have a calorie-free weekend!
    diane @ aug's blog

  5. KFC...I hadn't thought of that! What an adventure she is on...worth the missing her in the end! I enjoyed your ramblings...

  6. The most enjoyable post. I have to stay Im in love with the first image and the cards.. wow.