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Thursday, November 21, 2013

I want to hear you be brave ...

I borrowed a quote from a blogger friend 
- someone who has endured and persevered through an exceedingly tough year
and in doing so, realized something about herself:
she is one tough broad!

I'm guessing that on some level she already knew she was pretty tough, she just didn't expect it to prevail in her current situation.  But that is the beauty of human spirit - when life has you nailed to the wall, buckled at the knees, gasping for understanding and acceptance -
there is that inner strength that wills you to fight back, to rise above, to survive.

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  1. life certainly does do that...and sometimes you are at your very very best when it does. Great images of the flower

  2. What a gorgeous quote - inner strength does show itself at the needed moments!

  3. beautiful shots and no truer words. life can knock us to our knees and lift us up with our own inner strength.

  4. These are beautiful and I love that the strength of another woman has inspired you!

  5. The color in these photos is spectacular!

  6. Love these photos and the title and quote are just perfect. I always admire the strength and courage of others - thank you for sharing your friend's perseverance.

  7. Lovely images and beautiful post about inner strength. I love strong women and I have a little sign on my wall with an ode to STRONG WOMEN, May we know them, May we raise them, May we be them!

  8. The images are beautiful, but your words hit right to the heart, Yes, I do believe that the human spirit begs us to fight when we are down, we just have to be silent long enough to hear it.

  9. Nicki, Nicki, Nicki...You my friend have brought me to such happy and humble tears...oh my...Can I just say, you made my day and honor me-this is why I hopefully reach out and touch others especially as women...cause we get each other. Thank you seems like it's not enough...but its HUGE...xoxo to the moon and back.

  10. yes - and loads of God's heaping help!

  11. ps - thanks for the kind comment today on my post. We are heading back to my home for this coming holiday. But I know we will have to come back here and that is what makes it really hard. I want to stay and my kids want to stay. My husband hates it there . . . it is tough.

  12. Nicki,
    I like your thoughts; your heartfelt words are so true. We all face hard times and often find we are stronger and more capable than we could imagine.

    Your photos are gorgeous.