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Monday, November 25, 2013

macro emotion ...

I'm not sure where this heart shaped stone came from 
- probably one of the kids found it on a walk - 
but it sits in the kitchen waiting to be reclaimed. 
It is but a pebble - but so distinct.

 Love, broken hearts, and lost stones sometimes get misplaced or lose their way.


  1. What a gorgeous stone! How amazing to find such a stone?

  2. It is the perfect little stone too!

  3. Lovin' the stone! Nice way to honor it in the photo.

  4. Nicki, Your Words just create magic ... the last sentence is a Pearl! I'll write in on my notebook at once! Such a pretty stone .. there's something about smotth stones, some of them get even warm in your hand (when holding them long enough) - They are finds when walking at the coast. Happy Week and Thanksgiving to you :-)

  5. I LOVE IT! sweet post today Nicki.