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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

not too late ...

I've seen people try to change 
And I know it isn't easy 
But nothing worth the time ever really is 

 ... but it's not too late 

for love
 [Norah Jones]


 I'm sorting through the 'recovery file' on my computer to compile images for my annual photo book and in the course of weeding through the bygone months of 2013 I've been listening to my "moody" playlist.  Probably not the most upbeat music to accompany the witness of time that seemingly slipped through my fingers - but it is what I'm feeling this rainy day. 
I just happen to like the lyrics to this song  
- probably should have suggested it to Kathy for song*ography.


  1. I like Norah Jones myself. Beautiful photo and treatment. Hope you're aren't getting hit by that big snowstorm. We are only supposed to be getting rain but lots and lots of it.

  2. I love Norah's voice. Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day. Happy Thanksgiving my friend.

  3. Love that song! So sorry you have to weed through the recovery file - hope you can recover good shots!