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Thursday, November 14, 2013

remember 11/14/70 ...

At 7:36 pm on November 14, 1970, 
Southern Airways Flight 932
 crashed into a hill 
just short of the Tri-State Airport outside Huntington, WV, 
killing all 75 people on board. 
The plane was carrying 
37 members of the Marshall University Thundering Herd football team, 
eight members of the coaching staff, 
25 boosters
and 5 flight crew members. 


... those were not welcome days.

We buried sons, brothers, mothers, fathers, fiancés.
Clocks ticked, but time did not pass.
The sun rose and the sun set,
but the shadows remained.
When once there was sound, now there was silence.
What once was whole, now was shattered.

.... .... ....

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[quotes taken from We Are Marshall]


  1. Oh wow! I did not know of this story. Gives me chills thinking about it. Glad that they are never forgotten.

  2. And just realizing that the movie was the same story as above...yet I did not know the details of their story. Maybe I should watch.

  3. Do not remember this story of course I would have only been one. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I saw the movie and was chilled to the bone-is this something you personally experienced?

    1. Kelly, I lived in the other end of the state when this happened, but my husband and his family lived here. My husband grew up idolizing this college, graduating from it, and as the local's say "bleeds green". Our son is named after the school and I have attended home games for the past 22 years where even if Marshall was ahead 50 points, we stayed till the clock read 0. In rain, sleet, snow, pregnancy. So while I did not personally experience this tragic event when it happened, it has been a significant element in my adult life.

    2. just amazing. I can't imagine being in a community that lost so much in a blink. thank you for sharing.

  5. Nicki, this is a really beautiful tribute!
    You have expressed that moment in time very, very well.

  6. You've written so beautifully of this tragedy. You are honoring the memory of all those students. How moving this is!

  7. How very poignant! You have done a beautiful job of memorializing the lives lost in this tragedy! I had never heard of it before, Nicki. I'm glad you've told us.

  8. How terribly sad. Thank you for sharing.