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Friday, November 15, 2013

so random it's almost A.D.D. ... squirrel !

[lone star] 

I mowed the yard on Monday. It snowed on Tuesday. I finally got to the gym on Wednesday. I took allergy medicine at some point between Wednesday and Thursday and even if it says: "non-drowsy" - I'm pretty useless.  And that is my excuse for not remembering what went down on Thursday. 
Yep - that's been my week thus far.

[spoiled brat] 

 Ike has officially become one of the "problem" kitties. He didn't get his way the other day and 
peed outside the box. 
 Mary Jo has been promoted from Sinister Evil to Best Behaved Kitty 
(just don't pet her beyond 3 strokes or she'll sink her teeth into your hand/ankle/foot before you can say WTH).

[just peachie] 

The thermostat on my oven quit. Right before Thanksgiving. 
This morning I woke up to an e-mail from Kroger announcing 
"you can NOW order your Thanksgiving dinner on-line." 
It's a sign.

Footnote to yesterday's post:
Last evening was the first time in 43 years that Marshall Univ. Football played an away game on Nov. 14th.
The kickoff time was set for 7:36 p.m. to commemorate the accident victims.
Despite fumbling 5 times
Marshall prevailed.
Go Herd!


  1. Love your randoms, Nicki. I think my cat Tuki and your cat might be related. :)

  2. Haha....your randomness and my randomness should meet up some day.....chocolate!

  3. Love it! I have a kid who does see squirrels outside the window and shouts that mid lesson!!

  4. Your spoiled brat is a beauty! And I love that lone, frosted leaf. I am the same way with allergy meds. I used to be able to take Benadryl with no effects of drowsiness. Now it puts me under.

  5. But - Ike looks so angelic... I'm currently awaiting the plumber - why do pipes and appliances fail just before a major holiday?

  6. I so get the....squirrel! Loved your randomness today.

  7. Your random posts make me smile!
    I think your Ike and our Hannah might be related (although she hasn't peed outside the box recently!).

  8. So random *smile*. Love your pretty kitty and pretty leaf.

  9. i am staring at your cat ... trying to see what is in the right eye? an interesting reflection ... i will take another look. ( :

    1. Beth - he has freckles on his one eye - Vet said unless he starts acting like it is causing him visual problems, it should be fine. Pretty sure that has nothing to do with his temper-pee-pee-tantrum. Stinker!

  10. So Ike has decided to assert himself, eh? Hopefully, he will come to his senses soon. Sometimes they just need to step outside the box. Our cat Burgess was so big half the time he miss even when he didn't mean to. Ike is one handsome dude though. There's no denying that. I quit cooking at Thanksgiving the year after my daughter became a vegetarian. It just made no sense to make that dinner for three people.

  11. hehe, random fun....i enjoyed it!! peachie sure is pretty!!

  12. Love your kitty shot, the reflections in his eyes make them look speckled!

  13. Hilarious! I used to have a cat that would attack everybody. I grew up with kitties, and I've had such an urge for another cat. Well, I've had such an urge to trade one of our dogs in for a cat.

  14. Lmao-this is my all time favorite post from you yet!!! I'm so with u on the no drowsy meds-I tend to suffer they the day because of it and then take the meds at nite! Cats are naughty rulers!!! Lmao!! You are such a gifted writer!! Xo

  15. A great post. Funny about the cats.. but not funny when they bite or pee outside the box. UH OH and OH NO!!

  16. I'm so dang happy when you post because you make me smile and chuckle and heck......laugh out loud!!!!
    Great Random 5