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Thursday, December 12, 2013

closer and closer ...

I have never been less ready for a holiday than I am right now for Christmas. 
What gifts I have purchased sit in their bags and boxes unwrapped. 
What gifts I have not purchased are looking more and more like gift cards or money. 
I'll kick the holiday music channel into gear and hopefully my holiday spirit finds what it is lacking 
- cause time is ticking and the days are closing in.

On the up-side 
- I have completed my 2013 photo book 
which was no small task following the hard drive crash of 2013.
Small Victories!

Little by Little

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  1. Love the grinch ornaments/trinkets! Woohoo for the photo book!

  2. Best of luck on getting ready for Christmas.

  3. I'm with you in that I am soooooo NOT ready for Christmas this year!
    Like you said ... lots of gift cards will be handed out!!! :-/
    Crank up the holiday music ... I wanna hear it, too! :-)
    diane @ aug's blog

  4. Ha...I really love the angle on that 1st shot!

  5. Taking one day at a time this time of year is the way to go. Ultimately, I'm sure you will get it all done...or at least enough of it to make a go of it. Good luck!

  6. You can only do what you can do - things just get away from us at this time of year. Cute little photos. :) xo

  7. It's really sad that the season is so rush rush that by the time you get everything's over. hang in there...everything always works out!

  8. awww nicki, your just in a rut!! I hope the Christmas spirit finds you!!