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Friday, December 6, 2013

nuffin fishy here ...

My husband surprised me with an early Christmas gift - a fisheye lens. 
Even more, he insisted I not wait until Christmas to give it a try.
- yeah moi! - 
Here's the thing though ... for the life of me, 
I can not figure out what I need to do to take this ultra-wide fisheye and get that fishy look.
From what I've read, it involves how you frame the subject -
I don't know ... but I will keep trying.


If any of you have experience or thoughts in this department 
- any suggestions or directions would be most appreciated.
[this is a 14 mm]

muchas gracias!


  1. I wish I could help ya out's going to be fun watching you play and learn!

  2. I've never tried a fish eye but how exciting on the present and I hope you enjoy it!!!

  3. I really don't know but I will guess :) Go close to something big and shoot it! Like the trees in your picture... go close to one of them and then shoot. The reason I am guessing this is because I shoot with a Canon 10-22 and if I get too close or angle the lens up or down too much it will make it look .... fishy... I maybe totally wrong but since no one had a answer.... guess it won't hurt to guess :)

    1. I believe you are right - I am so used to standing back to get more in my picture - I just have to retrain myself. Thanks.